The Micro Farm Project

The Micro Farm Project is a tiny urban farm where veggies, flowers, fruit, and herbs grow and small livestock animals provide the Spencer family with fun and food. They love to experiment with new ways for their family to become more self-reliant and efficient, and invite others to join them.

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Doctor Who Papercraft →

Fun crafts to celebrate the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Day of the Doctor!

Doctor Who Inspired Party Recipes →

Celebrate the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary!

Hatching Eggs in a HovaBator Deluxe Incubator →

A glimpse into the fun and exciting process of hatching chicks in an incubator.  The article includes a review of the HovaBator forced air incubator, complete with hatching instructions.

Garden Tips From the Micro Farm: Growing Pumpkins →

The appearance of the pumpkin heralds the welcome arrival of fall.  The Micro Farm Project shows you how easy it is to grow your own.

Published 'Garden Tips From the Micro Farm: Growing Pumpkins' on Squidoo →

At the close of a long hot summer, the appearance of the pumpkin heralds the welcome arrival of autumn.  The Micro Farm Project shows you  how easy it is to grow your own.

Look-Alike Candy Sushi Rolls →

A fun and creative party idea, and a top seller at bake sales, look-alike sushi is true “eye candy!”

Make a Water-Saving Wicking Bed Garden →

A unique method of growing vegetables that waters them from the bottom.

Homemade Tropical Dried Fruit & Fruit Leather Recipes →

Fruit leather is a tasty, dehydrated fruit snack enjoyed by kids and adults, alike for its sweet-tart flavor and chewy texture.  Homemade fruit leather is easy and inexpensive to make, with or without a dehydrating machine.

Garden Tips from The Micro Farm Project: How to Grow & Use Stevia →

Though native to South America, stevia tolerates many climates and you can grow your own at home for tea, extracts and tinctures.

Homemade Basil Grape Jelly →

If you love grape jelly, or if you are indifferent to it, give this recipe a try.  Not your average, ho-hum partner to peanut butter, this jelly has a depth of flavor provided by a few key secret ingredients.  Simple, delightful, fool-proof.